“Say It Well: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Mind, Inspire Any Audience” by Terry Szuplat

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Arrives September 17, 2024 (HarperCollins)

Terry Szuplat was one of President Barack Obama’s longest-serving speechwriters. In Say It Well: Find Your Voice, Speak Your Mind, Inspire Any Audience, he shares the public speaking lessons that he learned at the White House and how anyone can use these lessons to become a better speaker, communicator, and leader in work and in life.


“For eight years, Terry Szuplat collaborated with President Barack Obama on some of the most impactful speeches of our time. In Say it Well, this gifted speechwriter shows you how your words can change your community, your nation, even the world.”

David Axelrod,

Former senior strategist for President Barack Obama and New York Times bestselling author of Believer: My Forty Years in Politics


“I’ve worked with Terry for nearly a decade, and I’ve seen firsthand how his brilliant advice can help anyone give the speech only they can give. If you’re a CEO, executive, or employee who wants to energize your team, differentiate your brand, and win over new customers, read this remarkable book today.”

Marc Benioff,

Co-founder, chair, and CEO of Salesforce and New York Times bestselling author of Trailblazer


“In a world where every word matters, Say It Well is a masterclass in how to articulate your vision compellingly and turn your speeches into powerful tools for leadership, persuasion, and impact. This book is destined to become a classic for anyone who wants to perfect the art of public speaking.”

Dorie Clark,

Professor of executive education, Columbia Business School and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game


“If you’re called upon to give a speech, it’s helpful to have a master teacher. Terry Szuplat is one of those masters, and at the Pentagon he helped me make every word count. Say It Well is a profoundly experiential book that will help you find your cadence and help our country reclaim the civility we need today.”

William S. Cohen,

Former Republican U.S. Senator from Maine and Former U.S. Secretary of Defense


“I was shocked when my graduation speech went viral and shocked again when Terry included my speech in this book. Say it Well is a true gift—an easy-to-use handbook, written with wisdom and humility, for how we can quiet our self-doubt, find our most authentic voice, and amplify our stories from the page to the stage!”

Donovan Livingston, Ph.D.,

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Faculty and Author of Lift Off: From the Classroom to the Stars

As reported by Axios, Say It Well is the first book by one of President Barack Obama’s speechwriters with practical advice on how to prepare a great speech or presentation and inspire your audience on any occasion.

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In every chapter of Say It Well you’ll get…

–Never-before-heard insights from President Obama, including mistakes he made as a speaker early in his career, how he improved and became the orator who burst onto the world stage with his unforgettable speech in Boston in 2004, and why he communicated the way he did as both a candidate and as president;  

–Behind-the-scenes stories from some of Obama’s most memorable speeches as told by the speechwriters who worked on them;

–The latest research from some of the world’s leading scholars, psychologists, and neuroscientists showing the science behind effective public speaking and persuasion;

–Practical tips and techniques you can apply in your own life and work as you communicate with your families, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow citizens;

–Remarkable stories of people from all walks of life–students, advocates, activists, executives, veterans–who’ve used these lessons to give speeches that have gone viral, inspiring millions of people around the world.



“Terry was the quiet hero of the Obama speechwriting office – kind, funny, and very, very talented. Can’t wait to read this one.” Jon Favreau, chief speechwriter to President Obama (2009-2013) and co-host of Pod Save America

“Over the 4 years that Terry and I shared a windowless suite, nobody gave me as much good speechwriting advice as he did. Or made me laugh harder. Or made me want to be kinder…people often ask for great books on speaking and speechwriting and this is it.”  — Cody Keenan, chief speechwriter to President Obama (2013-2017) and author of Grace: President Obama and the Ten Days in the Battle for America

For 8 years in the White House, I got to know Terry Szuplat as an extraordinary writer and even better person. In his new book (spoiler: smart, funny, accessible) he shares tips on how to find your voice, tell your story and speak in public. Check it out.” — Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor to President Obama and author of After the Fall: Being American in the World We’ve Made and The World As It Is

“The one we’ve been waiting for! I’ve learned more about speechwriting from Terry Szuplat than from almost anyone. Excited to read his wisdom, humor, and humanity.” Sarada Peri, senior presidential speechwriter for Barack Obama

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